We are the market leader in the Netherlands with our pharmacy chain and wholesaling. In Poland we also have pharmacies and wholesaling operations.



We own 226 pharmacies in the Netherlands, plus around 25 Mediq Apotheek franchises. The Mediq Pharmacy concept sets itself apart by the recognisable, high-quality services it provides to customers. For example, more time and personal attention is given to customers, and we have extended opening hours. A wide range of self-care products is available. In addition, customers can in consultation with their GP make use of special therapy support and distinctive healthcare programmes for chronic conditions such as diabetes.

We are aiming for a nationwide pharmacy network that safeguards the delivery of an excellent, uniform quality and care innovation to patients and healthcare insurers, and marries local entrepreneurship with central strength. As well as the group-owned pharmacies, our wholesaling operating company Mediq Groothandel supplies about 160 independent pharmacies. Through Mediq Medico we have a leading position in the supply to dispensing GPs.

We have operated as a pre-wholesaler, wholesaler and pharmacy chain in Poland since 1999. Our pharmacy chain of about 190 group owned plus 50 franchise pharmacies operates under the brand name Mediq Apteka.

More information:

Mediq Apotheken -                   Nederland

Mediq Groothandel -                 Nederland

Polyfarma -                               Nederland

Mediq Medico -                          Nederland 

Mediq Distrimed-                     Nederland

Mediq Pharma Logistics -          Nederland

Mediq Systemfarma -                 Nederland

Mediq Central Filling -                Nederland

ACP Pharma en Mediq Apteka - Poland


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