We make direct home deliveries of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, such as those for ostomy, diabetes, wound treatment, assisted breathing, incontinence and clinical nutrition, to many customers, including those with chronic diseases. We also deliver biopharmaceuticals and the associated high-quality care. We are active in the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Hungary.


We carry a wide range, are brand-independent, expert in the field of the relevant affliction and provide information, support and instruction, for instance in the form of nursing care. Our strategy is directed at acquiring a leading position, preferably among the top 3, for each product-market combination. Leveraging the associated economies of scale and specialist expertise, we are building a preferred position among customers, prescribers (specialists and nurses) and insurers.

In the Netherlands we operate in the medical devices market for direct home delivery to patients under the Mediq Direct Diabetes, Mediq CombiCare, Red Swan, ZorgService NL, Mediq Tefa and Medisource brand names. We provide a wide range of medical devices to intensive users in the fields of ostomy, incontinence, wound treatment, diabetes, clinical nutrition and respiratory care, plus a comprehensive range of services. We also offer expertise on biopharmaceuticals that we supply to people at home, often in combination with the specialist help of a nurse.

At the end of March 2008, we acquired Byram Healthcare, the fourth-largest sales and distribution company for medical devices in the USA. Byram mainly sells products for ostomy needs, diabetes, wound treatment and incontinence. Byram provides us with a new, nationwide platform for growth in the world’s largest and most fragmented direct market. Moreover the business model and the products carried are almost identical to those of Mediq’s European activities. Byram has 11 customer service locations and 6 distribution centres across the USA and is active in 48 of the 50 States.

We have operated in Denmark through Kirudan since 2007. Kirudan delivers medical devices for incontinence, ostomy, diabetes, clinical nutrition and wound treatment and other chronic conditions to patients’ homes. In 2008 we strengthened our position by acquiring Hermedico, the largest sales and distribution company for diabetes supplies. From the end of 2008 the Danish activities operate under the brand Mediq Danmark.

We have been active in Germany since 2006 with the largest sales and distribution company for diabetes supplies (mainly test strips and insulin pumps). During 2008, Dia Real and the companies acquired in 2007 and 2008, DiabetConcept and Hahn & Hahn, were combined under the name Mediq Direkt Diabetes.
At the end of 2011, we acquired Assist.

In Hungary, we have a leading position in wound treatment under name of Mediq Direkt.

More information:

Mediq CombiCare -                Netherlands

Mediq Direct Diabetes -         Netherlands

ZorgService NL -                    Netherlands

Mediq Pharma Logistics -        Netherlands

Mediq Tefa -                           Netherlands

Mediq Medisource -                 Netherlands

Mediq Pharma Services  -       Netherlands

Mediq Direkt Diabetes -          Germany

Assist -                                   Germany

Mediq Direkt -                         Hungary

Mediq Danmark -                    Denmark

Byram Healthcare -                United States

Mediq Norge -                        Norway


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