Marielle van Hemert, formula manager

Marielle van Hemert, Formula Manager

As formula manager Marielle is working on further improvement of the Mediq Pharmacy formula. “A Mediq Pharmacy is distinguishing, and everyone should not only know that but also experience it.”

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How did you end up with Mediq?
“After finishing university, I worked several years as managing pharmacist in a pharmacy in Limburg. Along the way I started to enjoy the profession more and more. Especially the marketing of a pharmacy amongst customers as well as amongst other healthcare providers. I wanted to transform the smallest pharmacy into the largest of the town and succeeded: that pharmacy is now part of a healthcare center. I reached my goal and was ready for something new. When a friend told me that Mediq is a good employer, I got in touch with the director of Pharmacies who got me interested in the vacancy for formula manager. A few days later I already had my first interview. Formula management is a unique opportunity to combine education and interest.”
Can you explain a bit about what your positions entails?
“As formula manager I am basically occupied with two topics. First of all I am responsible for concept monitoring, in other words: is the formula expressed the way we want. Furthermore, we are always working on further improving the formula. We examine how we can enhance the formula as best we can and adapt it to new developments if necessary. A Mediq Pharmacy is distinguishing and everyone should not only know that but also experience it. Basically I am the pharmaceutical conscience in our department. Using my experience as a pharmacist I am very capable of determining what is realistic compared to someone who is unfamiliar with pharmacies.”
What makes your work at Mediq interesting?
“What really appeals to me is to think outside the box. Something I already enjoyed when working in the pharmacy and here at Mediq it only increased. A pharmacy is not only a building, but it stands in the middle of society. It is important that you can relate to your customers: what appeals to them, how you can support them and which knowledge you need for that. So, in other words, marketing, and a nice opportunity to pitch your profession. Logically, you are in touch with doctors, but it is also a challenge to look for relationships with less likely partners such as a fitness center, a dermatologist, an orthopaedic specialist etcetera. Also working with specialists within Mediq I find hugely interesting. Tefa’s dieticians have consultation hours within pharmacies to give advice. Now that is development: finding partners and offer a complete package. Cooperation also adds value for yourself since it makes work even more enjoyable: you meet new people with whom you can share and exchange ideas.”
How have you been able to develop your professional and personal skills at Mediq so far?
“As a pharmacist you are working mostly solitairy. The perk of working on a central level is having different expert for different disciplines that can help you. The first year I was mainly occupied with creating substance to my task as formula manager, which proves to be successful: people know where to find me. In the near future I would like to focus on new developments. If you see what happens now in the market place! You have to alert constantly: what is going on, can I use it to our advantage. In short, see where your opportunities are.”
What is your personal career ambition?
“I would like to further develop myself in strategic thinking. What do we want and how can we achieve that. And I would like to specialize myself internationally in the field of formula management and be able to consult top management. It is fascinating to see what the pharmacy environment looks like in other countries. Taking a peek in each others kitchen, learn from each other. I have done several internships in Australia and on Aruba. A word of difference: in Australia it is all organized well, as in the Netherlands. On Aruba in comparison, things are certainly subject for improvement. Still, that is also something to learn from: how do you manage to work well with very little means.”

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