Peter Verheggen

Peter Verheggen, Quality Manager

In 2000 Peter started working as a pharmacist for Mediq Apotheek De Heuvel. He is now developed into Quality Manager of pharmacy chain Mediq Apotheken Nederland.

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How did you end up with Mediq?
“In 2000 I started working as a pharmacist for Mediq Apotheek De Heuvel, a large pharmacy in the town of Oosterhout, which serves approximately 15,000 patients and employs 24 assistants. It was difficult at first, but two years on I found my niche and set up all sorts of interesting projects, such as the central administration for the five pharmacies in Oosterhout, the centralised preparation of medications and an institutions pharmacy for the care institutions and home healthcare organisations in Oosterhout. About twelve years later I decided to leave the public pharmacy behind and take up the position of Quality Manager within Mediq Apotheek, which has now developed into Quality Manager of pharmacy chain Mediq Apotheken Nederland.”
Can you explain a bit about what your positions entails?
“Firstly, we must ensure that all our business units comply with legislation and secondly we must ensure that we continue to satisfy the needs of both patients and our wholesale business customers by constantly perfecting our service. After all, we as Mediq Apotheek aim to excel in the service we provide.”
What makes your work at Mediq interesting?
“The collaboration between the various departments and pharmacies. In order to meet the quality requirements we must all pull our weight and it all comes together here in our department. All sorts of audits assess this and we are thrilled when we all pass this “test” together and know that we (still) come up to the standard.”
How have you been able to develop your professional and personal skills at Mediq so far?
“The years I spent in the pharmacy were a good foundation for my current position. In 2008, I started studying business administration at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, ultimately gaining a degree in Change Management in October 2010. I benefit from this training every day. I am now taking individual courses to further my knowledge of such matters as audits, etc. To me, studying is a kind of reward. Not financially – which is nice too of course – but the value of learning lasts a lifetime.”
What is your personal career ambition?
“To solve complex issues and cooperate with assorted colleagues to accomplish that. I like this diversity. It gives me pleasure to be of some consequence to my colleagues and to customers and to see that we are still growing and developing in every respect!”

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