Risk management

In our strategic choices and operations we aim for a productive balance between growth and returns on the one hand, and the associated risks, on the other hand.

We use an internal control system throughout the organization that gives information on the achievement of our targets, which enable us to identify and control risks in a structured way. In this way we strive to identify bottlenecks and resolve problems promptly. 

Our internal control system is in line with the COSO Enterprise Risk Management framework. We identify business risks, assign a priority to them and where possible take steps to cover or reduce them. In doing so we are able to identify various risk categories, including strategic and operational risks, financial risks and risks relating to reporting and compliance with legislation and regulations. 

Based on our assessment of the risks that we are exposed to and the design and operation of the control framework, in our opinion there is a reasonable degree of assurance that there are no material inaccuracies in our reporting of financial risks.