Stakeholders dialogue

Mediq is an international company specializing in healthcare. The various markets in which we operate are not regular markets. Governments set requirements on affordability, accessibility and quality of care. This makes healthcare markets highly complex and challenging. 

The success of our company depends on the extent to which we are able to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Our business strategy also needs to incorporate the views and interests of other stakeholders such as governments, political officials, regulatory bodies, healthcare insurance companies, producers of medical products, and patient and consumer organizations. Mediq actively monitors the discussion between these parties. Where possible we, directly or through industry associations, contribute to the discussion. 

Our group companies maintain contact with clients (both patients and healthcare professionals) and proactively assess client satisfaction by carrying out customer satisfaction surveys. In addition, we contact patients, patient associations and medical professionals to discuss therapy-related subjects. Our employees in the various countries covered by our organization are in contact with the healthcare insurers in those countries. Moreover, our central purchasing department and the local category managers maintain up-to-date communication with producers of healthcare products.