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Mediq E-health platform improves insight and self-management for diabetes patients

De Meern, April 10, 2017

Improved diabetes (self-)care thanks to collaboration with Slingeland Hospital and ONVZ. Slingeland Hospital in Doetinchem is improving its diabetes care with Mediq DiaCare. This care program comprises a secure e-health platform, an app and education. A diabetes patient and their diabetes specialist nurse can opt for a blood glucose meter that can send the measured blood sugar level to the app that provides continuous feedback. This insight allows for improved self-management and confident health decisions. This secure digital environment also keeps the diabetes nurse involved in the care process. The program has been extensively tested at Slingeland Hospital and is supported by ONVZ Healthcare Insurer.

“We see that our patients check their blood sugar levels more actively, and grow in their independence,” says Jolanda Geessink, diabetes nurse at Slingeland Hospital. “The DiaCare app instantly shows them the effect of a given behavior or food on their blood sugar level. Patients tell us that this makes them better at preventing excessively high or low blood sugar levels, because they can see what causes them. Diabetes nursing staff can adopt a more proactive and coaching role – which is more agreeable for them as well as for patients.”

A smarter, more effective care process
“We’re also in discussion with other hospitals about using Mediq DiaCare. This solution encourages a patient-centered approach and makes diabetes care more efficient and effective. A single platform gives diabetes patients and their doctors alike up-to-the-minute information on blood glucose levels, education and consultation preparation. This gives a better overview of diabetes regulation and promotes self-management. Delivering this kind of customized care not only yields better health outcomes, it also helps controlling healthcare expenditures,” explains Marco Verhofstadt, Director of Mediq Direct Diabetes.

More patient-friendly care
ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar is the first healthcare insurer to support Mediq DiaCare. “It is a good example of how technology can improve health care and, in particular, make it more patient-friendly,” says CEO Jean-Paul van Haarlem. “Diabetes has a huge impact on a person’s life. Eating habits have to be adapted, insulin must be regularly injected, and don’t forget the hospital visits. Improved insight into blood sugar levels provides people with diabetes with more effective self-management, and that leads to a better balance as well as better health.”

Measuring the health outcomes and care cost effects
Slingeland Hospital and Mediq are currently measuring the effects of this care program on health outcomes and care costs in order to assess its added value. The hospital test group has been expanded; 120 patients use the app and the glucose meter, and are being coached by diabetes nursing staff using the DiaCare e-health portal. Mediq DiaCare will be further optimized and developed on the basis of the findings. Effect measurements are being supervised by the IQ healthcare research department of Radboudumc. The results of this research are expected to appear in late 2017.

About diabetes
Every year another 61,700 people in the Netherlands are told they have diabetes and have to adapt their lives accordingly. This means paying constant attention to what you eat and do, and doing whatever is necessary to keep your blood sugar levels within given boundaries. Further information is available at

About Mediq DiaCare

Mediq DiaCare is a care program which helps people with diabetes to, together with their diabetes care professionals, improve self-management and to deploy consultations, education and contact hours remotely and more effectively. The aims of the program are to deliver a smarter and more efficient care process, lower care costs, and provide better health outcomes. The care program was designed for all people with diabetes. It’s implementation starts at hospitals seeking to optimize their diabetes therapy.