Minimizing the impact on the environment

While our own operations have a relatively low impact on the environment, we are alert to opportunities to reduce our environmental impact in areas where we have the greatest influence. These have been defined as waste, and transport.

The goods that we purchase are delivered at Mediq in packages that we unwrap and repackage, this leads to some waste. For this reason our distribution activities are responsible for most of the waste that we generate. A significant amount of the waste that we produce, such as paper and cardboard, is suitable for re-use. Aside from re-usable waste, we also generate a certain amount of non re-usable waste, such as medication waste. Our goal is to increase the proportion of waste that is suitable for reuse

Lean and Green award for reducing CO2 emissions
We distribute medical devices to hospitals, healthcare institutions, pharmacies as well as directly to patients. CO2 emissions from transport therefore represent a significant part of Mediq’s environmental impact. To cut emissions, we use environmentally friendly fuels, more efficient vehicles and electric trucks for our deliveries in the Netherlands. 

Especially for this policy we have been presented with the 2014 Lean and Green Award for Personal Mobility in the Netherlands. Personal mobility covers commuting, operational traffic and business travel.
By participating in the Lean and Green program, Mediq was one of 21 companies that committed to reducing CO2 emissions by at least 20% within five years. Lean and Green is a non-profit network promoting sustainable mobility among businesses and government bodies.

Mediq was also presented with a Lean and Green Award in 2012, but that one was for our logistics activities, another area in which we have managed to reduce CO2 use. To achieve this involved overhauling the logistics planning so that trucks and delivery vehicles used the optimum routes and as such drove fewer miles. Mediq also makes sure its fleet runs on fuels that are less harmful to the environment or, when possible and practical, on electricity. Edward van Tuinen, Real Estate & Facilities Manager for Mediq, had this to say on the matter: "With its lease vehicle policy, Mediq has already achieved a reduction of 27% since 2011, making it one of the frontrunners in this field. Mediq has achieved this with such measures as actively adopting a fuel policy and assigning people electric lease cars."