Good working environment

We try to create a working environment in which employees feel challenged, where they can develop their skills and competences and be successful. 

In our human resource policy, the following issues are key: 
We employ people in 15 different countries who come from an even wider range of nationalities. We want everybody to feel at home here and have the same opportunities, irrespective of nationality or race.
Recruitment and retention 
Mediq aims to attract capable people who want to work in a company that combines healthcare and entrepreneurial drive. We seek employees who are flexible, ambitious and passionate about working in the healthcare business, and who act in alignment with our core values.
Our ambition is to have committed and proud employees who identify with the company’s strategy. 
Mediq has created development programs to ensure that employees are motivated to perform well, and that talents are triggered and challenged. For very talented employees there are also international opportunities within the company.
Health and safety 
All group companies have safety procedures and carry them out conscientiously. These procedures are described in handbooks and quality systems. Safety training is used to educate logistics employees.
Employee complaints 
In line with our Code of Conduct (called Mediq the Essence) we have an integrity procedure in place. Employees who do not feel free to speak with line management can file a complaint with the Management Board. This can be done via a special telephone line or the internet, if desired on an anonymous basis.