Making a difference in the community

As a company working in the healthcare sector, we are very much aware of our social role. We show this by supporting projects that are close to our business. 

As Mediq is an expert in distributing medical devices and pharmaceuticals, we can offer practical help in times of need, such as bandages, infusion materials, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We also support many local initiatives. One theme has our special attention: youngsters with diabetes.

Youngsters and Diabetes 
Young people with diabetes have a special place in our hearts. Diabetes is a serious chronic disease which affects people’s everyday lives. People suffering from diabetes need to measure blood sugar levels and inject insulin on a daily basis. This is challenging, especially when you are young. 

Youngsters with diabetes do not want to be different. They sometimes rebel against the requirements dictated by their disease. They may, for instance, fail to check their blood sugar levels or to inject insulin on time. Over time, this can lead to dangerous situations such as hypo- or hyperglycemia (blood sugar levels that are too low or too high, respectively), and when they are older, to complications such as coronary artery disease, kidney disease, eye problems and nerve disease.

In all countries where we are active in the direct distribution of diabetic supplies, we work closely with local diabetes organizations. By doing so, Mediq can make a difference and truly mean something for youngsters with diabetes.

Sweet Talk
One of our projects  to support young people with diabetes was Sweet Talk, an interactive theatre workshop geared towards teenagers with diabetes and their parents. With humor and intelligence actors Izaira Kersten and Floris van Tilburg play out typical home situations, stimulating discussions between parents and kids. 

“Izaira Kersten: “When I discovered, at the age of 26, that I had diabetes, that had a huge impact on my life. I succeeded, however, in finding a positive way of dealing with it. Because I am an actress, and an ambassador for the Diabetes Fund, I really wanted to help others who have this illness. I produce shows where diabetes is the key focus. Thanks to Mediq, I was able to organize the ‘Sweet Talk’ workshop. This goal of this workshop is to help support, inform, and inspire young people who have diabetes. Together with Floris van Tilburg, I presented the Sweet Talk workshop in 2013 for these young people and for their parents, as well." In 2013, Mediq succeeded in holding the workshop 27 times.