In order to have the right medicines and medical devices available at the right locations when they are needed, Mediq has a major logistical apparatus. You can work for us in various large distribution centers. 

These are new, modern facilities that use advanced technology; they are nice places to work. And you bear a big responsibility, because in our company - which is active in healthcare - satisfied customers come first. 

Our distribution centers are also appealing to logistics professionals. As a logistics professional, you will be involved in fundamental innovation, in ICT and beyond. We have a large number of varied projects. Within  those projects we continually seek a dialogue between the various international Mediq Business Units. Mediq's international growth also means new challenges related to ICT. There is a pleasant, no-nonsense working atmosphere with plenty of scope for employees' own input/initiative. 

Examples of positions in this field:
System developers and managers
ICT managers/project managers
Distribution centre employees
Group leaders
Logistics project managers