Our activities in healthcare


Many of our patients would rather be at home than in the hospital.

Healthcare professionals

Our services go beyond deliveries of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.


Every day, millions of patients, together with the dedicated professionals who care for them, rely on Mediq.

  • We can share the burden that is on our shoulders with our colleagues. And that, in our opinion, is the only way we can fully commit to the care of our customers.

    Boris Dubbeldam (30), Employee Accounts Receivable
  • Time that used to be consumed by nurses in supportive activities can now be used to increase the quality of lives of thousands of patients.

    Erika Pietilä (30), Key Account Manager
  • It was such a great feeling being able to help this woman in her misery. For a moment I felt like Barack Obama when he said: Yes, we can!

    Marjolet Paul (51), Employee Customer Service
  • Working in the Netherlands was truly of value for me, both personally and professionally. 

    Paavo Heikkinen (39), Category Manager Woundcare
  • Within Mediq there is room for personal development, good ideas and entrepreneurship.

    Peter de Regt (41), Market Manager Care institutions 

Our latest press announcements

Mediq expands business in clinical laboratories in the Nordics

DeMeern, June 01, 2017

Mediq has acquired ACC Nordic AS and ACC Nordic AB, distributors of clinical laboratory diagnostics in Norway and Sweden, respectively. The products are an expansion of Mediq’s current laboratory product portfolio in Finland and Estonia to additional Nordic countries, strengthening Mediq’s market position in the Nordics.

Novomed Group and Mediq France Merge to Create Frances Leader in Medical Material Distance Selling to Healthcare Professionals

Paris, May 29, 2017

Novomed Group, France's leader in the market of disposable medical kits, is happy to announce the acquisition of 100% of Mediq France's shares, bought from Dutch Company, Mediq.

More possibilities for home chemotherapy for children

De Meern, May 09, 2017

Breakthrough collaboration by Emma Children's Hospital AMC, KinderThuisZorg and Mediq Children treated for cancer at Emma Children's Hospital AMC in Amsterdam have, in the context of a pilot, been given the opportunity to receive chemotherapy at home. For this purpose, specialist pediatric oncology nurses employed by KinderThuisZorg visited the children at home to determine whether their physical condition allowed the administration of chemotherapy. Mediq ensured safe delivery of the chemotherapy administration system and the medication that is prepared by Emma Children’s Hospital AMC. "Children and their parents need to go to the hospital less often for chemotherapy. This makes the treatment less stressful," says Dr. Marianne van de Wetering, pediatric oncologist and chef de clinique pediatric oncology at Emma Children's Hospital AMC, who supervised this pilot with specialist pediatric oncology nurse Charlotte Beukhof.